My Story

I’m an adventure, nature, and travel loving 24 year old from the land of Bourbon and Horses – Kentucky. I’ve recently made my new home in the Lonestar state, which, as an outdoor lover, I’m extremely excited about. Warmer weather year round means more time outdoors and to do the activities I love. It will mean mountain biking, road biking, hiking, and paddle boarding nearly year-round. Though, I will certainly miss the hills and deep, green forest trails of Northern Kentucky. The mountain biking will become more or less just trail riding. I’m excited for a change in scenery.

From a young age, I became passionate about history, culture, language, travel, photography, and the outdoors. I’ve always struggled with sitting still or staying in the same place too long, though I’ve stayed in Kentucky for my family. Travel was my escape. The wanderlust bug has had me for quite some time now.

My family has always loved traveling and we went to many places even when I was younger, but my true travel story began in 2010. My parents let me choose where I wanted to go for my “Senior Trip.” The choice was no question as to where I wanted to go, as I had become fascinated with ancient Greek and Roman history years prior.

So, in the summer of 2010 my family and I set out on my first big international trip (I had technically been to Mexico and Aruba, but this was different). We would be traveling to Paris, Rome, Venice, and Athens. I adored it. I knew during that trip that travel would forever become my first love.

Since then, I’ve (at my parent’s horror), spent an entire summer in Barcelona by myself, at the age of 18, traveled to various places within the United States, embarked on a mother-daughter trip to London, backpacked Europe for a month and a half following my college graduation, enjoyed the Christmas markets of Bavaria, and explored Scotland and Norway with my brother.

As I mentioned before, I have a passion for language. Currently, I speak Spanish, *some* French, and some Italian. I adore Europe, as you might be able to tell. I love the languages, the culture, the food, the wine, and the history.

Follow me on my journey towards satisfying my travel bucket list, which seems to lengthen with every trip I take.


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