Cinque Terre

What Keeps Me Coming Back?

Today I embarked on another adventure – my 3rd trip to Italy. This was a rather spontaneous trip, not that all of my other ones aren’t. 

But, this one was especially needed. I saw a deal online for Delta from CVG to Milan and I immediately booked it without thinking twice, as any true wanderess would. 

When it comes to travel, I swear I lose control of my body and travel brain takes over. I can’t be held responsible for my actions when this happens!

So, now, here I sit at Milano Centrale waiting on my train, reading the 4 hour workweek (read it, I’m serious – READ IT), thinking about my newfound freedom, having recently quit my job and made the decision to move to Dallas with my parents come September. As this is a solo trip following these recent developments, it’s especially important to me.

But, why do I travel? Why do I travel like I do? Why so much in Europe? Why Italy? 

I certainly intend to answer all of these. I wanted to touch on a few of them because of a conversation I just had with a woman while I was sitting here. Her name is Solange. She struck up a conversation with me asking for directions, thinking I was from Milan (clearly I was flattered). Come to find out, she lives in Dallas! I tell her I’m going to be moving there and we continue from there. She asks me what I’m doing here and I give her my general, I’m here for vacation, to explore, I love Italy, blah blah blah. 
She goes on to tell me her story and talk about why she is here. She said she was coming from work in London and she can’t help wondering why she is here when she can be at home in her “pool and comfy house in DFW.” I laughed and she continued to talk about the Italian trains being inflexible and pros and cons of America vs Italy, but she finished with saying. “You, know, my mother was Italian. She never exposed me to my Italian roots after she moved us to Brazil and I was always curious about it. But even after all these years, something about it has kept me coming back. There’s just something about it. Something we don’t have and never will.”

That really struck a cord with me. That’s why I travel. It’s not always comfortable. God knows it isn’t. Especially not budget travel and backpacking or just travel in general. Things happen. Shit happens. Travel is not luxury. Not the truly good kind. I don’t travel for that. I travel for the beauty, the people, the truly fresh, good food, the culture, the history, all of the things that can only be found outside of your own corner of the world. Only if you explore. 


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