Spiaggia, Sol, e Spaghetti

I’m still getting used to having this blog and using it regularly, in all honesty. I have so much material to write about from all of my travels over the years and Lord knows, it’s overdue, but… better late than never, right? There will be plenty of destination posts coming your way, in addition to posts concerning planning and tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

As many of you, who follow me on Instagram and Facebook know, I recently went on a spontaneous and incredibly fabulous trip to Italy. This post is going to be focused specifically on the Amalfi Coast portion of the trip.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Amalfi Coast, it is a stretch of rugged, very picturesque coastline in the southwest of Italy, just south of Rome. The Amalfi Coast can’t be done justice in writing or in pictures. Cliche to say, yes, but utterly true. Anyone who has experienced it can vouch.

I took this trip solo, so I decided to join up with a tour group – Italy on a Budget Tours – for those who may be curious. This was for a four day tour of the Amalfi coast for young travelers, on a budget, as the name would suggest. The tour was to cover Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, Positano, Amalfi, and Naples. I would highly recommend it for young, solo travelers. Not just this tour group, but any, honestly – another post to come on group travel/tours.

Our base was in Sorrento Italy, which is essentially the center of the Amalfi coast. We stayed in cabins on a camp ground, Santa Fortunata, with easy access to the ocean for incredible swimming off the coast and gorgeous views from our accomodations.

A bit on Sorrento, have you heard of Limoncello? The famous lemon Italian liquor? It’s made right there. It’s not exactly my cup of tea, I won’t lie to you, but the Italians swear by it. A shot of limoncello to digest their food after a large Italian meal, which I can assure you is in no short supply in Southern Italy. And the Amalfi Lemons are ENORMOUS. You will not find better lemons anywhere in the world or better pizza. Did I mention that Naples, the capital of Southern Italy, is the birthplace of Pizza? Napolitan pizza is to die for.

Now that we’ve talked about food, let’s discuss the nauseating, slightly terrifying, but incredibly beautiful drives along the Amalfi coast to the other coastal towns… would not suggest eating a large meal prior to the drive. In any other part of the world, these roads may be considered far too dangerous to drive; they may also have more safety precautions on them. They most certainly would be considered one lane roads and not a two lane road for 2 giant tour buses passing side by side. Now, picture cliffside on one side of one of the tour bus down to the beautiful ocean off the Amalfi coast and picture jagged mountainside on the otherside of the other bus. No worries though, these guys are professionals and have been doing this for years. You might pass out watching them do it, but they hardly slow down or bat an eye. It’s incredible the way these people navigate these roads and wip these large tour buses around the many bends of the steep cliff side of the road. The views though, are unbelieveable. You won’t get pictures during this part of the journey, as you’re on a bus and, well, navigating a precarious road on a bus. You just have to take it all in.

This wild road will take you to the likes of other Amalfi Coast towns such as the famous Positano and also, the namesake, Amalfi. Positano was my favorite town I visited and I would love to go back one day to spend more time. The ocean is gorgeous. We had a few hours to swim, drink, lay on the *very* rocky beach. All of the beaches of the Amalfi coast are rocky as it is made up of jagged coastline. Do not go to the region expecting powdery sand and do bring good shoes to navigate the beaches.

Absolutely make sure to take the time to wander the narrow, picturesque streets. Go a bit off the tourist beaten path and stop at the little mom and pop restaurant. Put down the phone, get off snapchat, snap your pictures, but then appreciate the moment. There’s so much to see and experience.

Enough cannot be said about cheap Italian wine, incredible porch views, good company, beautiful coastal swimming, and authentic Italian food. Te voglio bene, Italia.

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