6 Photos to Inspire you to visit Norway

Recently, I’ve been reminiscing about the incomparable beauty of the Norwegian fjords… then again, when am I not.

This past Christmas, my brother and I ventured to Norway, after dreaming of going for years. Everyone’s reaction when we told them where we were going: “NORWAY?! Why??” Honestly, everyone. Have you seen how unbelievably, gorgeous it is? Raw, vast, stunning, beauty. So, alas, I am here to educate and share with you the gorgeous land that is Norway.

Norway is unlike any place I have ever been. It’s vast, wild, rural, yet metropolitan, and with a small town feel. Everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING, is sparkling clean, the air, the food, the streets, the stores, the people, the animals, everything. And, they are all, genuinely friendly. It is a kind, beautiful, active country with endless activities.

Now, you may not be crazy about the idea of heading north during the winter. Trust me, as somehow who cringed when is falls below 60 deg. Fahrenheit, neither am I, but, I am here to tell you, there is something to be said for going somewhere during its low tourist season. It’s cheaper, less crowded, and most importantly, more authentic. I highly recommend going during this time of year, though if you want to go to the fjords, you will only be able to go to the more southern fjords around Bergen, which for me, was perfect, stunning, and wonderful.

We took the NSB train from Bergen where we were staying, to Flåm, along the Flåm railway, which is considered one of the most scenic rail journeys in the world. It was absolutely breathtaking. It was just as much part of the day’s activity as the fjord Safari. From Flåm, we boarded the Fjord Safari for Aurlandsfjord and Næroyfjord. Næroyfjord is an unescorted world heritage site do to the diverse wild life, such as the reindeer which live at the top of the cliffs of the fjord.

There were only my brother and I and one other family for the Safari. After bundling us up like Ralphie’s little brother in a Christmas Story, we set out onto the fjord. Remember what I said about perks of traveling in low season? When the captain cut the engine, complete, eerie silence settled over the boat. It was completely surreal. Our tiny boat – the only craft out on the fjords that day, surrounded by some of the world’s most stunning natural landscape… and silence.

It was pure magic.


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