Walkabouts, Work Visas, and Wanderlust

Life has been a bit wild the past 6 months… I’ve quite literally been all over the world and changed direction a ridiculous amount of times, in typical Sav fashion.

I suppose it all began when I chose life and adventure over my career. I quit my job at a company which I loved because the pace I was working at and the sheer volume of hours was not sustainable anymore. I was barely sleeping or eating, let alone doing anything social or even getting out on my mountain bike. I was living only to work and I finally realised it had to stop.

I already had a trip booked to Italy for the end of July and decided I would make the move to Texas with my family after I returned. It seemed like a good first step. A change of scenery.

I had always dreamed of living abroad, but I always thought, Europe, maybe. All of my ideas on this changed when I traveled to Italy and met a bunch of Aussies who convinced me that I should move to Australia. I had never really considered it before. It seemed so… Out there. But, nonetheless, I started researching the possibility of it when I got back home.

As the move to Texas approached, I decided that I should take advantage of this time away from work and travel the world for a few months before I settled down and got a job in Texas… little did I know where I would be right now.

Australia was obviously on the list of places I would go… but where else? Asia seemed the most logical, given the proximity, so, I started researching trips around Southeast Asia. I mean, it’s a backpacker’s paradise, right? But… When do I ever do the most easy or logical thing?

So, I naturally began researching tours in Africa. Being a life-long animal lover, whose favourite movie growing up was the Lion King and who used to absolutely wear out the yearly zoo passes… It sounded like a dream. But, I was determined to make it a reality. Next thing I knew, I was on a plane to Africa.

The trip was everything I could have dreamed of and more, with friends and memories to last a lifetime. From Africa, to Australia, to yes, even a spontaneous Scuba diving trip to Asia, I traveled, explored, and discovered more and more about myself and what I wanted out of life.

I met multiple people in Australia and even a mate from Africa who would be doing their work visas in Australia and before I knew it, my mind was made up. I was moving to the land down under.

So, after a lovely Christmas back home, I packed up everything I owned and hopped on a plane to Melbourne, where I would be starting my Aussie adventure. I fell in love with Melbourne before I ever even visited and decided it would be the place for me (articles about it being the world’s most livable city 7 years straight, may have helped) and after seeing it in person, I knew it was where I wanted to live.

Unfortunately, Melbourne was not meant to be, for now at least. The job market was tough and when I was offered an amazing, well-paid job in Sydney out of the blue, I made the decision to leave my beloved Melbourne and all of my mates behind.

It’s been a hell of a ride. And, as I sit here in Sydney, I know it’s really only begun.

The adventure continues…

(More posts to come about the individual places I visited throughout my amazing trip)

2 thoughts on “Walkabouts, Work Visas, and Wanderlust

  1. Amazing! You really “lived your life” and keep on with new adventures as you create them along the way. Be safe, keep on enjoying this beautiful world and its people!

    Liked by 1 person

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